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Development Register

The Tenterfield Terrier (commonly know as the mini foxie) was developed in Australia and was officially recognised by the ANKC (Australian National Kennel Council) as a new breed on 1st January 2002.

Each state in Australia has its own governing body under the management of the ANKC

e.g. DogsQLD, DogsNSW, DogsVIC, Dogs SA & DogsWest. 

The ANKC controls 3 Registers for the Tenterfield Terrier, managed by these State governing bodies;

           Main Register - dogs eligible for export, breeding and showing.

           Limited Register - dogs not to be bred or exported but suitable for pets


           Development Register - 5 generations of dogs of the 'Tenterfield' type bred and selected to                                                    attain pure bred status for inclusion on the Main & Limited Registers.

The Development Register was established so that the bloodlines of the mini foxie types that fit the Tenterfield Terrier Breed Standard can be included in the gene pool to enhance diversity in the breed.

The National Tenterfield Terrier Council (NTTC) manages the Development Register that allows for dogs to build up their pedigrees to the required five generations so they can be registered with the Australian National Kennel Club (ANKC).  


If you have a dog that appears to be very similar to a Tenterfield Terrier you can apply to have it accepted as a First Generation Tenterfield Terrier.  The NTTC has an acceptance process for these dogs to undergo which involves some of the forms on the site below.  Consequent litters are placed on the Development Register until there are sufficient generations behind the dog so it can be officially registered with the ANKC.  Five generations are required - four pedigree lines plus the dog you are registering. 


Once this has been done the dog can enter conformation shows and agility competitions.

Please visit for further information.

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