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Genetic Testing

Why do we test?

Our pro-active stance in trying to eliminate this disease in our dogs by selective breeding. It also ensures that our gene pool will not be affected by careless breeding. And remember breeding CLEAR to CLEAR cannot produce carriers and therefore the progeny are clear by parentage and do not require testing.

How do I collect brush or swab samples for testing?

To collect samples for this test, the following procedure should be followed carefully:


  1. We advise that two people collect the DNA sample, one to gently restrain and hold the head, the second to collect the sample. To avoid contamination from dog food, please collect the sample at least 2 hours after the last meal or snack. Dogs may have access to water at any time.

  2. Label each brush sleeve with the dog’s full name, registration number and owner’s name. Label 2 brushes per dog. Label on the paper side of the brush sleeve (labels on the plastic side come off too easily).

  3. Wash hands before sample collection and between dogs if more than one DNA sample is being collected. We are more interested in the dog’s DNA than yours.

  4. Peel open the brush package about 1 inch at the arrow (the opposite end from the bristles). Remove the brush, being careful not to touch the bristles.

  5. Place the brush between the lip and gum of the dog being tested, and gently brush the inside of the cheek using all sides of the round brush.

  6. Place the brush back in the original labeled package, bristles in first, and tape the ends of each brush packet closed.

  7. Repeat steps 3-6 with the additional brush for each dog. Please collect 2 brushes from each dog.

Orivet (Aust) is now able to test for PLL & CHG


for free swab kits and more information about collecting samples.

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